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The King at Shrewsbury

Three cheers for the King! George V drops in on his prize Dexter bull at the Royal Agricultural Show.

Non-Fiction 1914 1 mins Silent


Proud military veterans and farmers meet and greet a dapper-looking King George V on his visit to the Royal Agricultural Show, held in the historic market town of Shrewsbury, also famous for its flower show. The King inspects the prize cattle, including his own rosette-clad champion Dexter bull, one of an unusually small breed of cattle imported from southwestern Ireland to England in 1882.

The presence of his Majesty brought several film cameras to Shewsbury that year - The King's Visit to the Royal Agricultural Show, Shrewsbury 3rd July 1914, is also available in BFI Player. The Royal Agricultural Show was granted its Royal charter in 1840 by Queen Victoria. It moved around the country each year, showcasing breeds of animals specific to the region. The final Royal Show was held in 2009.