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Sixth Day

It's role reversal and 'rebellion' in the Scott household as Mrs S decides on a 5 day week too!

Amateur film 1950 10 mins Silent

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An overworked and underappreciated housewife leaves her husband to handle the domestic chores for the day. Amateur filmmaker, Charles Scott invites his wife to put her feet up for this amusing fictional film made in their Norwich home with a message that would have been popular with all housewives! This film also provides a valuable record of kitchen and laundry equipment and furniture which was so typical of many homes at the time.

Charles Scott bought a cine camera in 1933 and began to film local events and traditions around Norwich over the next few decades. Filmmaking was a marked contrast to his day job in a Norwich biscuit factory and he developed a tremendous talent, filming events in Norfolk plus family weddings. He would screen his films to family and fellow members of the Norwich Cine Club using his audience in many films including his enthusiastic wife in this wonderful short comedy.