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Silver Jubilee of His Majestry King George V

A mosaic of colour on film theres a grand turn out in Middlesbrough for a patriotic parade to celebrate King George Vs Silver Jubilee.

Amateur film 1935 4 mins Silent

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On Middlesbroughs Corporation Road a sullen youth in a flat cap wears a sandwich board advertising 6d programmes for the towns George V Silver Jubilee celebrations. A grand military and civic procession snakes through festive streets and jubilant crowds, from the magnificent Gothic Town Hall to Albert Park, where a Thanksgiving service is led from the decorated bandstand. This event was filmed by a Middlesbrough dentist, Tom Brown, in a lush mosaic of Dufaycolor.

Public respect for King George V increased during the First World War when he visited the front line, and toured home front hospitals, factories and ship yards. He was certainly popular in Middlesbrough. On June 14 1917 he had made the first visit to Teesside by a reigning monarch. The North Eastern Daily Gazette reported that the visit constituted the most flattering tribute which has yet been paid to the great industries of this district. At the height of its popularity with amateur film-makers in 1935, Dufaycolor, with its pronounced mosaic pattern of colour filters, was also used commercially by British Movietone News to film the Silver Jubilee procession for the King in London.