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Sherriff Kodacolour No. 2

Colour film of Sikkim / Tibet (no sound), photographed by Scottish explorer and plant collector George Sherriff in 1935.

Amateur film 1935 9 mins Silent


Amateur footage filmed in Kodacolour, showing people and landscapes in Sikkim / Tibet. Scenes include people travelling by donkey (some with loads), dancing group, camels drinking at a riverbank and a camel train, people walking down a road (some on donkeys), children in traditional dress, officials at a residence, scenes in a busy town and workers winnowing grain.

George Sherriff (1898-1967) was known for his work with Frank Ludlow (1885-1972); they gathered in the region of 21,000 dried plant specimens. They made their first expedition in 1933 to Bhutan, continuing through Tibet to Nangkartse, and then back to India, They planned to work eastwards through Tibet to the great bend of the Tsangpo river, which they achieved in a series of expeditions over the coming years.