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Shaksgam, Auden 1937

Amateur film from the Shaksgam Expedition of 1937, detailing the unexplored country around the Shaksgam river.

Amateur film 1937 7 mins Silent


Amateur film taken during the Shaksgam Expedition of 1937, led by Eric Shipton. The main aim of the Shaksgam Expedition was the “exploration and survey of the unexplored country in the vicinity of the Shaksgam river, which is situated somewhere on the un-demarcated frontiers of Ladakh, Hunza and Sinkiang".

The team consisted of mountaineers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman, surveyor Michael Spender and J.B. Auden of the Geological Survey of India (who was invited to assist with exploratory work and out carry geological investigations). The party also included Sherpa porters from Darjeeling and men from Baltistan. Film shows outward journey - the approach to Askole (including crossing of the Indus and Braldu).