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Seniors Paste

This charming animated advert from the 1960s - is for Seniors Pastes - and stars Sarah, the squeaky-voiced little girl with a monster appetite

Advert 1968 1 mins

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This delightful animated advert from the 1960s, drawn in a contemporary graphic style tracks up a huge table, festooned with stylised foods, to a small girl looking prim at the head of the table. She spreads her favourite Seniors Pastes on slices of cartoon bread and butter while annoucing that she could 'go on like this forever.' The packshot reveals the cost of a pot of Seniors Paste is sixpence - the equivalent of 2½ pence in decimal currency.

Shippam, one of Chichester's most famous family businesses, began as a grocery store in 1786, evolving into a food manufacturer by 1886. A range of potted meats and fish pastes was introduced in 1894 and Shippam's products gained hugely in popularity. The Chichester premises expanded throughout the 20th century and by 1960 the company entered the ready-meals market with a canned Chicken Supreme. After a number of ownership changes from 1974 onwards, the company became part of Prince's Ltd in 2001, and the Shippam's brand survives to this day. Various advertising agencies produced commercials for Shippam's including the London Press Exchange, later part of Leo Burnett and Foote, Cone and Belding Ltd.