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The lesson here is clear, do the right things in the workplace – wear totectors and Rozalex barrier cream – and all will be well, and if not there is a nurse on hand with a plaster.

Industry sponsored film 1965 17 mins

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With the start of Harold Wilson’s “white heat of technology" revolution, Crossley Carpets of Halifax step up their efforts to educate their employees of the dangers of the mill. 1965 was relatively accident free, with no legislation in the pipeline and Crossley Carpets thriving; nevertheless , the workers themselves, apparently untutored in any acting skills, and seemingly mildly perplexed by the whole exercise, demonstrate the perils of the workplace.

This is one of three films made by Crossley Carpets over the course of a year; the other two being a promotional film for Crossley products and a recruitment film. At one time Dean Clough was possibly the largest integrated carpet mill in the world, with more than a million square feet of space over 20 acres – running for an unbroken half mile up the Hebble valley, and employing 5,000 workers. The company merged with Carpet Manufacturing Co in 1969 to form Carpets International. Dean Clough complex was closed in January 1982. The company is a fitting one for this film as it was for the textile mills that the first safety legislation for factories in the UK was initiated, first in 1802, and then more effectively in 1834.