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Fancy Yarn Production

Twisted yarns and empty spindles, everything from Bouclé to Slub yarn, from beginning to end, and all, in the end, displayed on a ‘normal’ model in typical 1970s fashion.

Industry sponsored film 1971 23 mins

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The story of the long and winding road to produce fancy yarns is here told in meticulous detail, as if meant as instruction for trainees at this Bradford mill. But clearly the object was to promote the many fine yarns illustrated, as evidenced by the modelling at the end – well worth waiting for – showing perhaps why the women’s wear of 1971 has yet to come back into fashion.

This film is another example of the many promotional films made after the war by Bradford film producers C H Wood. They had earlier made a similar film for Bradford-based worsted spinners Listers, It All Began with Velvet (1955). There is not much information on Wm. Hutchinson (Yarns) Ltd., other than that the company was based at Holybrook Mills, Greengates in Bradford and closed in 1980. Anyone watching the film will be unsurprised that in 1949 William Hutchinson published a book titled Practical Management of Looms and Yarns.