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Scout's Valuable Aid

Vigilant young Sea Scouts support the war effort by keeping a watchful eye on Britain's coastline.

Non-Fiction 1914 1 mins Silent


The action in this Pathé newsreel item is clearly staged: one fresh-faced Sea Scout enthusiastically demonstrates how to send a semaphore signal, while his friend reads instructions from a book. But late in 1914, when this was shot, the threat of a German naval attack was very real. Young Scouts like these were mobilised along Britain’s coastline to serve as look-outs and signallers.

The film supports the idea of a nation pitching in and 'doing their bit' to support the war effort. By September 1914 over 1000 Scouts were watching Britain’s shores, freeing-up adult coastguards to serve in the Navy. On seeing this film, many a youthful Scout may have been encouraged to volunteer their services.