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Scenes from Suffragette Demonstration at Newcastle

Supporters of the Women's Social and Political Union campaign in the North East.

Non-Fiction 1910 1 mins Silent


By the end of the Edwardian era, male support for women's suffrage was growing, as this film shows. This substantial demonstration by the Women's Social and Political Union was filmed on 21 July 1910 by the Warwick Trading Company. The cameramen have chosen an excellent vantage point, which takes in the scale of the event as the marchers snake into the background, but also gives us a very good view of those passing before the camera.

Among the women and the marching band are significant numbers of male campaigners, while the banners of support detail the numbers - in their thousands - of men who signed petitions for the suffrage bill from Newcastle, Gateshead, Jarrow, Darlington, Tyneside, Jesmond and across the north east.