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Rowntree Mackintosh Station Halt

This significant film, shot in the late 1980s, preserves the history behind Rowntree Halt Station shortly before it was permanently closed.

Amateur film 1987 3 mins Silent

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York railway history is the primary focus of this engaging short film. It begins with a colour live action shot of a train approaching Rowntree Halt Station in the late 1980s. When the train begins to pull away again, we are suddenly transported back in time, thorough black and white stills of steam trains and passengers in old fashioned clothing, to the station’s earlier decades.

The Rowntree Halt Station was opened in 1927 in order to help Rowntree Mackintosh employees get to work. The Rowntree Mackintosh confectionary factory was located a short distance from the station. The station was finally closed to the public in 1988 and was eventually transformed into a cycle track.