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RHM Nimble: Mini Car

An advert for Nimble bread that stresses its suitability as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

1964 1 mins


An example of how Rank Hovis McDougall’s Nimble brand was being repositioned as not just a healthy alternative to starchier bread but specifically as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Everything in this advert emphasises the notion of “lighter”, “slimmer” and “smaller”, including the then highly fashionable Morris Mini-Minor (or ‘Mini’) car that she’s driving. As she opens her bag, we also get a brief glimpse of the other things that a conscientious slimmer might want to have for lunch.

This was one of a number of ads that RHM launched in August 1964, all of which had the aim of stressing Nimble’s slimming-worthy virtues, a growing market thanks to the much more widespread availability of cheap but fattening food and resulting concerns about people’s weight. One ad showed a literal calorie counter, while others were set by the seaside or in a market. All were scored by Carey Blyton (nephew of children’s author Enid, and the future composer of ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’) for oboe, clarinet, harp and cello, an appropriately slimmed-down alternative to a full orchestra.