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Red Sea Journey

This silent colour film documents the south-western coastline of the present-day Republic of Yemen, from the port of Mukalla to the region bordering Saudi Arabia.

1967 29 mins Silent


Commencing with scenes showing the busy port of Al-Mukalā, the capital of Hadhramaut region on the southern coast of Yemen, other architectural features include: the Qu’aiti Palace, built by Sultan Omer Bin Awadah Qu’aiti, the walled high-rise city of Shibam, which rises from the edge of Wadi Hadhramaut like Manhattan skyscrapers and the dramatic minaret of the Al Midhar Mosque at Tarim.

In addition to the built architecture, the film also documents sites of archaeological interest along the coastline from the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea, where a camp is established and the Tihama coastal region is examined between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Aerial film of the people and places along the coastline are also captured, with private and RAF aircraft.