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Quetta Earthquake (Universal Talking News No. 515)

Footage revealing the devastating aftermath of one of Asia’s most destructive earthquakes that took place in Quetta, Pakistan in 1935.

Non-Fiction 1935 1 mins Silent


The first half of the film shows the evacuation of the city via train; a large-scale operation led by British officials ushering groups of people away from the destruction to nearby camps. The latter part of the film captures the sheer-scale of the destruction where aerial footage in particular reveals the true extent of the damage the city of Quetta had suffered.

The Quetta earthquake struck in the early hours of the 31st May, 1935. The terrifying 7.7 magnitude quake razed the city to the ground. The estimated death toll was estimated to be anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 and was the deadliest quake to strike south Asia in 70 years until the Kashmir earthquake of 2005. British-led evacuations and rescue efforts relocated the survivors to a tent city that was set-up on the edge of town. Make-shift medical stations were also quickly established to provide first-aid to the scores of injured survivors.