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Opus One

One of the ten winning films of 1948 awarded a 'silver plaque' by 'Amateur Cine World' magazine - a significant achievement for the makers, the Film Society of Welwyn Garden City.

Amateur film 1948 17 mins Silent

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Made by the cine enthusiasts of Welwyn Garden City to encourage new members to its Film Society, the film was produced in the Society’s founding year, in 1948. A case of art imitating life, this silent comedy docu-drama tells the story of a cine society who form and make a documentary. A sophisticated production featuring clever cutting and creative storytelling it is no surprise that the film was awarded a silver plaque as one of the "Amateur Cine World" ten best films of 1948.

The film features typical pre-digital age amateur filmmaking practices and equipment including amateur cinematography on location, cine film developing, splicing and editing by hand, creating title cards, and 16mm film projection.