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Welwyn Garden City and Surrounding District

Picturesque tour of Welwyn, England's second Garden City. A rural-urban idyll of spacious residential areas and green community spaces. A marvel of town planning design!

Amateur film 1957 15 mins Silent

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With few cars on the roads and blossomed trees lining the streets, wide and open lawns and community areas of lush greenery, the townscape of Welwyn Garden City embodies the planning ideals envisioned by its founder Sir Ebenezer Howard; a perfect marriage of city and nature. Many of Welwyn's iconic landmarks feature, including the newly built Welwyn Stores, 'THE place to be seen' for Garden residents and the architecturally impressive Shredded Wheat Factory.

In 1948 Welwyn was dedicated as one of Britain's first 'new towns', designed to alleviate the shortages of inner city housing following the bomb destruction of World War II.