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Nought Feet

Wartime training film instructing bomber pilots on the dangerous art of navigation for low-level flying. R.A.F produced film 1943

Instructional film/TV programme 1943 16 mins


Entitled ‘A film on low flying navigation technique’ the reel footage was produced by the R.A.F film production unit. Its purpose, to train bomber pilots and exhibit the navigational know-how necessary for low-level flying sorties over occupied territory.

The footage begins with an actual attack on a German factory in Eindhoven, Holland by a squadron of Beaufighters. An example flight from Northern France across the channel and up along the West Midlands is then shown to help instruct pilots. Created by the R.A.F film production unit, which from 1941-1945 served as the producer for propaganda and training films. Personnel involved with the unit included famous filmmakers John Boulting and Richard Attenborough, who were part of the camera crew on missions over Europe.