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Motor V. Aeroplane

A visit to the famous Brooklands race track in Weybridge, Surrey, where Saturday afternoon crowds gather for the big race.

Non-Fiction 1914 1 mins Silent


Despite the tantalising promise of the title, this Topical Budget newsreel item doesn't deliver racing rivalry between cars and aeroplanes. Instead, close-up shots of two unidentified drivers bookend scenes of a motor race in action. But hang on for the final scene, when a biplane soars low over the parked cars - evidence of Brooklands' nearby airfield.

As well as hosting the world's first custom-built car racing circuit, which opened in 1908, Brooklands was also a major centre of aircraft production, with many flying schools established on the nearby airfield. Many major names in the business operated locally, including Sopwith, Blériot and Vickers.