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Mischief in Greenland

Colour film entitled ‘Mischief in Greenland: the story of H.W. Tilman’s expedition to East Greenland 1964’. Filmed by Roger Coward.

39 mins Silent


Colour film documenting Bill Tilman’s expedition to East Greenland in 1964. Shows the crew preparing and setting sail from Lymington in May. Follows their sea journey to East Greenland via the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. Scenes include everyday life at sea, plus the team navigating icebergs, and later the damage to ‘Mischief’ being repaired on arrival in Greenland. Film ends with the team climbing.

The expedition was led by H.W. Tilman (skipper) with Charles Marriott (mate and cook), Charles Sewell (climber), Noddy Wareham (engineer) and Bob Cook. They sailed on ‘Mischief’ (originally a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, built in Cardiff in 1906). The primary aim of this journey, and indeed Tilman’s other sailing expeditions, was to find mountains to climb. Harold William Tilman (1898–1977) was a mountaineer and explorer. Aged 79, sailing with the ‘En Avant’ to Smith Island (South Shetlands) the boat disappeared without trace en route to the Falkland Islands.