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Mischief Goes South

Colour film entitled ‘Mischief Goes South’ by Mike Edwards, documenting Bill Tilman’s voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, 1966-67.

1966 51 mins Silent


Colour film by Mike Edwards, documenting Bill Tilman’s voyage to the South Shetlands and South Georgia. Opens at Lymington docks. Shows Tilman being interviewed, then the outward voyage - open sea, choppy waters and changing temperatures. Views of Deception Island (South Shetlands) and Grytviken (South Georgia). Shows team members climbing. Scenes filmed at sea on the journey homeward bound. The film ends back at Lymington.

‘Mischief’ was built in Cardiff in 1906, and was originally a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. In 1966-67 Tilman intended to sail to the Antarctic Peninsula, Smith Island and Mount Foster. The party sailed from Las Palmas to Montevideo, Punta Arenas, South Shetland Islands, South Georgia, Montevideo, the Azores and back to Lymington. This was a difficult expedition, which included the tragic loss of crew member, David Shaw. Harold William Tilman (1898–1977) was a mountaineer and explorer. Aged 79, sailing with the ‘En Avant’ to Smith Island (South Shetlands) the boat disappeared without trace en route to the Falkland Islands.