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Kelloggs: 'Good Morning Trevor'

At the heart of British family life… cornflakes!

Advert 1970 1 mins Silent


All’s for the best in the best of all possible worlds – provided everyone’s morning starts with a certain well-known brand of cornflakes. This brightly coloured commercial positions the morning bowl as a reassuringly universal experience, binding families together in happy intergenerational harmony.

Director Karel Reisz made this ultra-cheerful ad as part of the Film Contracts production company. Film Contracts was a firm set up by producer Leon Clore to provide advertising work for the documentary and feature filmmakers on his books. A significant but underrated figure, Clore produced, among many other things, Reisz’ Free Cinema short We Are the Lambeth Boys (1959) and his features Morgan! (1966) and The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981). Kellogg’s was a frequent Clore client.