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Kashgar 7

Black and white silent film, shot by intrepid plant hunter Major George Sherriff during his tenure as Vice Consul at Kashgar.

Amateur film 1927 15 mins Silent


This film shows the time of the festival of Id. Documented are children dancing and a procession outside the wall of Kashgar. In the procession people are carrying papier-mâché buildings, animals and people. Following this there is also a procession of soldiers and flags. The film also shows a game of throwing; a group listening to a record player, erecting a yurt and ends with scenes of mountaineering

The Corban Festival, also known as Id al-Gurban, is a major Islamic festival that shows believers' faith and obedience to Allah. It is an annual major traditional festival falls on the 10th of the twelfth month of Islamic Calendar and is celebrated by the Chinese minority Groups including Hui, Uygur, Kyrgyz, Kazak.