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Jumble Jumble

As the war comes to an end, and with an expectation that an end to food rationing would soon follow, why not indulge in a chocolate treat?

Advert 1945 2 mins

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With having to revert to making Ryvita crackers during the period of sweet rationing, Rowntree’s had precious little to promote in 1945. But they make the most of what they can with this whimsical cinema advert demonstrating how to make chocolate jumbles with their cocoa powder.

Although made at the time the Second World War was ending, most of the ingredients for this chocolate jumble would have still been rationed. Butter and sugar were among the first foodstuffs to be rationed in January 1940. Margarine, as used in this recipe, was rationed in 1942, but twice as much was allowed compared to butter, 4 oz. as opposed to just 2 oz.. Flour continued to be rationed until July 1948, chocolate until February 1953 – apart from a brief period in 1949 – and butter until May 1954. Rowntree’s was very restricted at the time: plain chocolate was reserved for the rations of soldiers. Recipes including ginger were common at the time, while recipes for chocolate jumbles are still around today.