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Iran 1944-1948

Amateur colour film, by Sir Clarmont Skrine, showing various monuments and places in Southern Iran including Rey, Qom, Isfahan, Persepolis, Shiraz, Bushire, Yazd, Kerman and Mahan.

Amateur film 1948 12 mins Silent


Inter-mixed with scenes shot of the film-maker’s personal life (people, gardens, flowers and street life) are sequences shot of the following popular tourist destinations: Persepolis, Khajou Bridge, Jame Mosque Isfahan, Tomb of Hafez, Chehel Sotoun, Shah Mosque, the dome of Tehran Bazaar, Naqsh-e Rustam and the mountains surrounding Tehran. The footage also includes film of an un-named Iranian city from a biplane.

The film shows the extent and state of preservation of some of Iran’s most celebrated ancient and historic sites at the time filmed, as well as the level of access afforded to visitors. Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rustam are particularly well covered.