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Hull Street Scenes - Fiction Film

The age old story of two youths attempting to woo the same attractive young woman, then having a sword fight, but here given a comic twist at the end.

Comedy 1957 4 mins

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A light-hearted and whimsical take on the sad tale of forlorn love, with the traditional romantic gestures of a duel, and ending with our would-be suitors looking rather foolish. Hull University students enact the comic tragedy, with some clever special effects along the way, in York’s Museum Gardens.

This inventive film is one of a number of films made by Hull student, John Turner. Turner arrived in Hull in 1957 to study Physics at the University. During his three years there he made about 100 minutes of standard 8mm film, all done using 4 minute reels. The other films that Turner made are very different from this one: Turner simply taking his camera out to local places in Hull and recording what he saw in the cinéma vérite style that was beginning to emerge at the time. Among his observations are children playing in the bomb sites, streets and parks, working in the docks, shoppers at the city centre markets and revellers at the famous Hull Fair. Together they present a unique document of life in Hull around 1957.