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Horned Game - Wild

A hunting party tracking wild game in the uplands of the Middle-east/Asia,1934.

Amateur film 1934 7 mins Silent


The hunting party is filmed traversing across the edges of treacherous cliffs, one misstep away from certain death, but the height does not seem to bother these individuals who navigate the rock face with almost as much ease and grace as the animals they are tracking. The film is by British diplomat Sir Clarmont Skrine.

The animals the group are filmed pursuing consist of Markhor and Bison. The Markhor is a breed of wild goat native to North-eastern Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, India and the Himalaya. The animal is known for its fascinating almost mythical appearance due to their tightly curled corkscrew horns which are particularly impressive on the males. As well as being the national animal of Pakistan, the Markhor are expert hill climbers, but despite their mastery of this rugged terrain they are classified as an endangered species due to the ongoing threat of poaching for their valuable fur and horns.