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Horlicks Advert: Dan Dare

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future and famed 1950s comic strip star of Eagle weekly, invites young Horlicks drinkers to join the Spacemen’s Club.

Advert 1956 1 mins Silent


Lantern-jawed space hero Dan Dare - sensational cover star of weekly British strip cartoon Eagle - had been dealing with dastardly alien foes since 1950. His exploits also provided the basis for a thrilling British-made show broadcast on Radio Luxembourg. In this amazing advert Dan advises young fans to send 6d in stamps and a jar label to his own London address to join the Horlicks Spacemen’s Club.

As well as the Horlicks Spaceman’s Handbook - stuffed full of vital information about Dan, his friends, his enemies, space weapons and spacecraft - and the stylish tie sported by the young recruit seen in this advert, various other indispensable items were available from the club. These included the cap badge, the Dan Dare Spaceship Cup (ideal for hot malted milk beverages), and the Dan Dare Periscope.