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Guinness Export - The Man (Version 3)

My goodness – what do you have to do to get a drink around here?

Advert 1968 1 mins


Wherever you are in the world you can normally find a Guinness. The path to becoming a global brand was hard fought - as is the short journey of the secret agent type in this cinema ad, who has to overcome a variety of obstacles and distractions on the way to his local bar. Advertising was a key part of corporate strategy in conquering the world’s drinkers. But how do you advertise to different markets?

Three identikit versions of the ad were made on the same set but with completely different groups of actors. Look elsewhere on BFI Player for versions 1 and 2 which are filmed with separate white and black casts. Though the story was seen as internationally fitting, the actors are strictly segregated across three discrete ads.