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Exeter University Arts' Festival

Art for Art! Fundraising at Exeter University in the form of an Arts Festival has raised money in the hopes of buying a new theatre

News 1964 4 mins

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Westward reporter Terry Fleet interviews Michael Reinhold a student at Exeter University who is organising an Arts Festival to raise money for a new theatre. There are various activities taking place, including theatrical performances and dramatic readings, with art galleries showing the latest art work from students and artists around the country. The government, local council and student union have donated money in the spirit of the fundraiser.

Exeter University was founded in 1955 and has three campuses, Streatham, and St. Luke’s based in Exeter city centre and Tremough in Cornwall which is held in conjunction with the combined universities initiative based in Falmouth. The university can trace its origins back to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, later College in 1868, back then a school of Arts and Science, it is now seen as a leading research university. The university was renamed the University College of the South West of England 1922, and was granted a Royal Charter in 1955.