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St Loye's College in Exeter

St Loye's College shows its enabling training courses on offer.

Current affairs 1962 3 mins Not rated


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TV reporter David Mudd reports from St Loye's College for the Training and Rehabilitation of the Disabled which offers diplomas in skilled trades for disabled people with the aim of getting them into work. The director Mr King is interviewed about how the college leads the way in training for the disabled. St Loye's College was the vision of Georgiana Buller who recognised the need for aid in enabling disabled people to overcome barriers.

Buller established the Red Cross Voluntary Aided Hospital in Exeter 1914. Born in Crediton, Buller collected funds to establish an orthopaedic hospital for children in Devon, the first school dedicated to occupational therapy in the UK. In 1927 Buller opened the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital in Exeter and in 1937 the St Loye's Training Centre. She founded the British Council for Rehabilitation. She was an early campaigner on disability rights, “Normality! This is the goal to which every disabled individual, without exception, passionately aspires and which all, in their degrees, can achieve if given the right encouragement and opportunity.”