Festival Fever

From deep-rooted folk traditions to youth culture happenings: a celebration of the music and arts festivals of summers past.

From the early years of cultural behemoths like Glastonbury to intimate village affairs, summer memories are made of this. Featuring music performances running the gamut of folk to pop to rave, and with a special focus on the 1960s and 1970s, these documentaries and home movies remind us of the simple pleasures of letting our hair down. Travelling from genteel Aldeburgh to raucous Bardney, Brighton and Bickershaw, with stop-offs at Knebworth, Laugharne and Sidmouth, there’s a gathering to suit every taste. And if you get FOMO just remember - there’s always next year.

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Knebworth Pop FestivalKnebworth Pop Festival

News19765 mins Location: Knebworth Ho

Free food' and 'free religion' is the mantra of some festival goers ahead of the Rolling Stones' appearance at Knebworth. And for the local publican, it's big business!

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The Sidmouth Folk FestivalThe Sidmouth Folk Festival

Current affairs19707 mins Location: Sidmouth

International folk bands and troupes put on an act at Sidmouth

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Notting Hill CarnivalNotting Hill Carnival

Amateur film19762 minsSilent Location: Notting Hill

Music, dancing and community characterise this short film from Notting Hill Carnival, 1976.

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Aldeburgh FestivalAldeburgh Festival

Short documentary196313 mins Location: Aldeburgh

By 1963, Suffolk's Aldeburgh Festival was very much on the world music map but the annual invasion of 'foreigners' didn't go down well with all the locals.

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Documentary199712 mins

Partying like it's 1997. We follow a rave DJ instigator rigging up decks in abandoned warehouses, a nosebleed 'techno tourist' who chases the hardcore around Europe and a girl addicted to... partying.

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Frank at 'Cities in the Park'Frank at 'Cities in the Park'

Amateur film19914 minsSilent Location: Heaton Park

Sunday in the park with Frank Sidebottom and the Manchester music mob.

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Glastonbury Festival and the First Pyramid StageGlastonbury Festival and the First Pyramid Stage

Current affairs19715 mins Location: Glastonbury

Glastonbury ley lines for iconic pyramid stage to heighten a festival-goer’s experience

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Glastonbury past and PresentGlastonbury past and Present

Documentary192268 minsSilent Location: Glastonbury

Druids, kings and mystics - rekindling the ancient spirit of Glastonbury.

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Ancient Beltane Festival at Glastonbury TorAncient Beltane Festival at Glastonbury Tor

Current affairs19661 minsSilent Location: Glastonbury Tor

Rite of spring is celebrated to signify renewal

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The Bardney Pop FestivalThe Bardney Pop Festival

News197222 mins

Fly your freak flag high with this far-out film shot at the Great Western Express Festival in muddy May 1972.

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Architectural reporter David Young on GlastonburyArchitectural reporter David Young on Glastonbury

Current affairs19804 minsSilent Location: Glastonbury

David Young visits Glastonbury famous for its festival and its legends of King Arthur, the Holy Grail and Joseph of Arimathea

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Jazz Band BallJazz Band Ball

Amateur film196310 mins Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

A delirious 60s jazz dance night at a legendary Newcastle nightspot, the Majestic Ballroom, scene of the Beatles first gig in the city.

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Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive MusicBath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music

News19702 minsSilent Location: Shepton Mallet

Progressive gathering of festival goers hits the blues.

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Exeter University Arts' FestivalExeter University Arts' Festival

Current affairs19644 mins Location: Exeter

Art for Art! Fundraising at Exeter University in the form of an Arts Festival has raised money in the hopes of buying a new theatre

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Billingham Folklore Festival 1965Billingham Folklore Festival 1965

Amateur film196516 minsSilent Location: Billingham

Reels, polkas, sword and Cossack folk dancers from around the world perform in colourful national costumes at the first Billingham Folklore Festival.

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Newcastle Festival 1971Newcastle Festival 1971

Amateur film19718 mins Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

An upbeat parade of funky trade floats hits the street to launch the Newcastle Festival in 1971.

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Dance FestivalDance Festival

Non-Fiction196921 minsSilent Location: Camden Town

Join distracted onlookers at a protest “be-in” at Camden’s Roundhouse –alongside portraits of Lenin and a giant inflatable phallus.

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Scunthorpe International Folk FestivalScunthorpe International Folk Festival

Non-Fiction19694 minsSilent Location: Scunthorpe

It’s the year of famous music festivals, and Scunthorpe has a rare opportunity to see some colourful national dress, dancing and folk music.

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Haytor Love-inHaytor Love-in

Current affairs19671 minsSilent Location: Haytor Rocks

Hippies gather in Flower Power Love-in on Dartmoor’s Haytor

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Brighton Arts FestivalBrighton Arts Festival

19674 minsSilent

Behind the scenes at the very first Brighton Festival

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Barsham FaireBarsham Faire

Amateur film19746 minsSilent Location: Barsham Hill

In the 70s, Barsham Faire on August Bank Holiday became a tradition for many to celebrate things 'medieval' and raise funds for local arts events. It put Barsham on the map.

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Bickershaw FestivalBickershaw Festival

Amateur film197219 minsSilent Location: Bickershaw

Mud and music at Wigan's answer to Woodstock.

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Taunton Jazz FestivalTaunton Jazz Festival

News196212 mins Location: Taunton

Notable interviews are with some of the greatest jazz talent as music lovers gather to celebrate jazz, trad and free.

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Minehead's Obby Oss FestivalMinehead's Obby Oss Festival

Current affairs19772 minsSilent Location: Minehead

A-maying at the Obby Oss Festival

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Grove CarnivalGrove Carnival

Documentary198118 mins Location: Notting Hill

West London echoes to the sound of reggae and steel pans in this kaleidoscopic record of the 1980 Notting Hill Carnival.

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Brockham Green FestivalBrockham Green Festival

Amateur film195814 minsSilent Location: Brockham

The 15th century returns to Brockham Green as the village comes over all medieval and Chaucerian.

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Self-Conscious Over YouSelf-Conscious Over You

Documentary198040 mins Location: Belfast

Witness The Outcasts at their incendiary best in this thrilling concert film

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West Indian CarnivalWest Indian Carnival

News19806 mins Location: Leeds

In this celebratory short film, Leeds is transformed with colour and spectacle during the annual West Indian Carnival.

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Laugharne: a flower festival and two carnivalsLaugharne: a flower festival and two carnivals

Home movie195215 minsSilent Location: Laugharne/Talacharn

Frocks and flowers fill the streets as the women and girls of Laugharne make their way to St Martin’s Church for the flower festival service.

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Rocester Festival 1979Rocester Festival 1979

Home movie19799 minsSilent Location: Rocester

The Rocester Toppers and the Wakebourne Band ("...19 drums - one fiddle...") keep the carnival era alive in 1979.

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