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Everest - Shebbeare

Unedited amateur footage of the scenery and wildlife of the Tibetan plateau, taken during the Mount Everest Expedition 1933.

Amateur film 1933 11 mins Silent


Footage taken by Edward Shebbeare during the British Mount Everest Expedition 1933. It records the team’s outward journey along the Tibetan plateau towards Mount Everest. Shows daily life of people encountered along the way, the transportation of expedition supplies and equipment by sherpas and team members, mountain scenery, wildlife and local landmarks including Rongbuk Monastery.

Edward Shebbeare was Transport Officer and Deputy Leader on this expedition. Although not a climber, he reached the North Col at the age of nearly 50. Led by Hugh Ruttledge, this was a grand scale expedition. Members were:- Jack Longland, Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton, Percy Wyn-Harris, Raymond Greene and Lawrence Wager. On May 30th Wager and Wyn-Harris made the first summit attempt, and nearly reached the high point attained by Norton in 1924. On June 1st the second attempt was made by Shipton and Smythe. Shipton stopped just past the First Step, but Smythe continued to Norton’s high point.