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Come with Me to Swansea

Richard Dimbleby reckons Swansea has “gusto” after he meets people involved in key industries/activities including a real Swansea Jack - Wynford Vaughan Thomas.

Travelogue 1952 17 mins

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A tinplate foreman, a research chemist, a lifeboatman and an ex-air raid warden give Richard Dimbleby – journalist and BBC broadcaster - a flavour of modern Swansea. He also interviews a BBC colleague, Wynford Vaughan Thomas, who happens to be from Swansea. Thomas does his best to impress on Dimbleby the town's capacity for "enthusiasm" and "gusto".

Believed to be the first in a series of 'Come With Me' films presented by Richard Dimbleby. Here he moves from the strip mill where he describes the steel as “shooting along like a flaming arrow" to Mrs Stewart's memories of the Swansea blitz when all types of bombs dropped on the city in 1941 “just like a cocktail, everything mixed". Listening, interpreting, talking – these were Dimbleby's stock in trade and the talents by which he made his name as the BBC's first radio war correspondent and leading commentator. He was also managing director of the Richmond and Twickenham Times (owned by his grandfather from 1894) and chair of several film companies which produced short information films and travelogues.