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Challenge War on Slums

"Plague spots in the richest city in the world" - slums are demolished to make way for new homes in Somers Town, London.

Campaigning film 1941 17 mins Silent


Vivid footage of slum living conditions combined with heartstring-pulling intertitles and religious overtones. This film was produced by the St Pancras House Improvement Society, established in 1924 by Father Basil Jellicoe, who was vigorous in raising funds to build new homes in the Somers Town area. There are some shots of him included here, though he had died in 1935.

The St Pancras House Improvement Society was prolific in its use of film as a fundraising tool, making over 20 films. It was bold in using shock tactics too - see also Paradox City (1934). It later became the St Pancras Housing Association, and is now Origin Housing.