The London Topographical Society

Films digitised with the support of The London Topographical Society, the charity which charts our capital’s history, growth and topography.

Founded in 1880 the London Topographical Society is a registered charity (No 271590). It concentrates on publishing books and sheet material illustrating the history, growth and topography of London of all periods. The Society remains true to the vision of its founders by making available maps, plans and views, as well as publishing research, to assist the study and appreciation of London.

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London Street Scenes - Trafalgar SquareLondon Street Scenes - Trafalgar Square

Non-Fiction19101 minsSilent Location: Trafalgar Square

Spot the changes and continuities in this majestic Edwardian panorama of Trafalgar Square.

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Animated PoliticsAnimated Politics

Non-Fiction19100 minsSilent Location: Woolwich

Woolwich candidates face the voters in the first of 1910's two general elections.

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Miss Davison's FuneralMiss Davison's Funeral

Non-Fiction19132 minsSilent Location: Bloomsbury

The funeral procession of suffragette Emily Davison - fatally injured at the Epsom Derby - passes through London to her final resting place in Morpeth.

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To Defend the East Coast To Defend the East Coast

Non-Fiction19141 minsSilent Location: Eltham

Magnificent artillery horses and their youthful riders parade the streets of Eltham as rapt locals look on.

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Looping the Loop at HendonLooping the Loop at Hendon

Non-Fiction19141 mins Location: Hendon

Spectacular feats of early aviation at Hendon Aerodrome, North London.

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Old LondonOld London

Non-Fiction19146 minsSilent Location: Westminster

A revealing tour of London's notable buildings - some now lost for ever - which uncovers their intriguing histories.

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Khaki Bank HolidayKhaki Bank Holiday

Non-Fiction19151 mins Location: Hampstead Heath

The holiday crowds are in the mood to enjoy themselves at Hampstead Fair, and army recruiters seize the opportunity to encourage enlistment.

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London under SnowLondon under Snow

Non-Fiction19161 mins Location: London

WWI recruits apply their training - to a friendly snowball fight

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Hoxton....Saturday July 3rd, Britannia TheatreHoxton....Saturday July 3rd, Britannia Theatre

Non-Fiction19206 minsSilent Location: Hoxton

Fantastically lively images from around East London's greatest music hall.

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Central London Street ScenesCentral London Street Scenes

Travelogue192313 minsSilent Location: Westminster

These atmospheric scenes of the Thames and central London (including some spoiled by fog) were shot for the Sherlock Holmes feature The Sign of Four.

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London as the 'City of Dreadful Night'London as the 'City of Dreadful Night'

Non-Fiction19240 mins Location: Trafalgar Square

Experience the dinge and gloom of the smog shrouding London's Trafalgar Square in the 1920s.

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Everybody Happy!Everybody Happy!

Non-Fiction19262 minsSilent Location: London

Splendid scenes of Londoners letting off steam around the capital - but where, exactly?

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The Official Opening of Gunnersbury Park by the Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain, M. P.The Official Opening of Gunnersbury Park by the Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain, M. P.

Non-Fiction19268 minsSilent Location: Gunnersbury Park

Ealing locals delight in their new park's manicured lawns, splendid mansion, and sports facilities.

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Greenwich Clock and ObservatoryGreenwich Clock and Observatory

Non-Fiction19281 minsSilent Location: Greenwich

Tick-tock, tick-tock...the home of British time-keeping at Greenwich.

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In the Sizzling SunshineIn the Sizzling Sunshine

Non-Fiction19291 minsSilent Location: London

Hot and bothered Londoners find ways to cool off in the summer heatwave of 1929.

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Gunners Put up a Good ShowGunners Put up a Good Show

Non-Fiction19291 minsSilent Location: Woolwich

Charging horses and blazing guns at the Woolwich Garrison tattoo, leading to a toy soldier massacre.

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The Opening of Barking Swimming PoolThe Opening of Barking Swimming Pool

Non-Fiction19310 minsSilent Location: Barking

Much excitement for the opening of Barking's new swimming pool - better known as the East End's Lido.

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Soup KitchenSoup Kitchen

Amateur film19344 minsSilent Location: Spitalfields

A rare glimpse inside the Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor in the East End during the early 1930s.

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Grand Union CanalGrand Union Canal

Documentary193734 minsSilent Location: Houses of Parliament

Follow working narrow boats as they make their 60-hour trip from London to Birmingham along Britain's longest industrial waterway.

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Cabtrack The Direct Auto-control Personal Taxi ServiceCabtrack The Direct Auto-control Personal Taxi Service

Government sponsored film197216 mins Location: London

Could computer-controlled taxis solve the traffic crisis? Maybe not, but this film's a must for technology buffs (and fans of early electronic music).

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Challenge War on SlumsChallenge War on Slums

Campaigning film194117 minsSilent Location: Somers Town

"Plague spots in the richest city in the world" - slums are demolished to make way for new homes in Somers Town, London.

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Carry On Lombard StreetCarry On Lombard Street

Amateur film194121 minsSilent Location: City of London

Barclays Bank's London HQ adapts to wartime banking, as a keen amateur filmmaker records staff at work, rest and play.

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Official Opening of the Classic Hammersmith including Hammersmith Regatta News ReelOfficial Opening of the Classic Hammersmith including Hammersmith Regatta News Reel

Non-Fiction19515 mins Location: Hammersmith

Who needs the Boat Race? Not Hammersmith, with its own regatta - complete with greasy pole competition. Nearby, the Classic Cinema reopens to fanfare.

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Ten BridgesTen Bridges

Documentary195715 mins Location: London

A beautifully evocative three-mile glide along the Thames from bustling docks to bohemian Chelsea.

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The SquareThe Square

Drama195716 mins Location: Westminster

An old man looks back wistfully over his years spent living in a King's Cross square, and enjoys a surprise skiffle party organised by neighbours.

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Sport U SchuleSport U Schule

Amateur film19587 minsSilent Location: Hackney

Hackney Downs School Cadets in athletics training and competition, filmed by teacher Joe Brearley.

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Yoko Tani in LondonYoko Tani in London

Travelogue19598 mins Location: London

A fun tour of 1950s West End with international film star Yoko Tani

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Barbican RegainedBarbican Regained

Documentary196317 mins Location: City of London

Fascinating look at the Barbican – before it became the brutalist icon we know today.

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London from the Air 1 (Fun Palace outtakes)London from the Air 1 (Fun Palace outtakes)

19633 minsSilent

London in 1963 was a city in flux, as this spectacular aerial footage shows.

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London from the Air 2 (Fun Palace outtakes)London from the Air 2 (Fun Palace outtakes)

Amateur film19633 minsSilent Location: Westminster

Excellent if somewhat jerky aerial shots of London taken from a helicopter and featuring close-ups of Waterloo, the docks and Tower Bridge.

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Fourteen Acres of GreenFourteen Acres of Green

197713 mins Location: Hammersmith

Environmentalists wage war on the Greater London Council in this eye-opening account of a battle to save Hammersmith's open spaces.

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Inter-action in CroydonInter-action in Croydon

Documentary197112 mins Location: Croydon

Do you remember when the moon men came to Croydon? You can bet these kids never forgot the day Dogg's Troupe landed

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London Me BharatLondon Me Bharat

Drama197220 mins Location: London

Stylishly-shot document of multicultural 1970s London among Southall's Asian community.