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Looping the Loop at Hendon

Spectacular feats of early aviation at Hendon Aerodrome, North London.

Non-Fiction 1914 1 mins Silent


The two stars of this film, Gustav Hamel and Bentfield Hucks, were airborne celebrities, famous for pioneering stunts like 'looping the loop' - first performed by Hucks at Hendon the year before this was shot. This thrilling Topical Budget newsreel item shows the plane's dynamic take-off and the 'loop' itself, rounding off with a portrait shot of the dashing pair safely back on the ground.

Both Hucks and Hamel died tragically young. Hamel, who was also famous for delivering the first official airmail in 1911, disappeared over the English Channel just two months after this film was shot, while Hucks caught pneumonia and didn't live to see the end of the First World War.