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British Museum (Natural History) Nepal Expedition 1961-1962 (Rushes)

Additional film from the ‘British Museum (Natural History) Expedition to East Nepal 1961-1962’.

1962 36 mins


Rushes not included in the official film of the ‘British Museum (Natural History) Expedition to East Nepal 1961-1962’. Vibrant and colourful scenes documenting the expedition, as well as local life in East Nepal. Includes local people, agricultural work, group spinning / unravelling thread, mountain views, landscapes and terraces, a dance with musicians (for the team), camp scenes and collected specimens.

John Gordon Sheals (zoologist) who led this expedition, would go on to become the Keeper of Zoology at the Natural History Museum from 1971-1985. The team also included W.G. Inglis (zoologist), R.L. Coe (entomologist), A.H. Norkett (botanist), K.H. Hyatt (zoologist), T. Le. M. Spring Smyth (administrative officer) and B.P. Sharma (liaison officer).The main aim of the expedition was the collection of botanical, entomological and zoological material from the Eastern part of the Nepal Himalaya. Financial support came from a variety of sources, which included the Mount Everest Foundation. A number of meteorological instruments were loaned by the Royal Geographical Society.