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Big Game in the Sub-arctic of Canada

Documentary footage of the Bullock-Hornby expedition across the Canadian Sub-Arctic revealing the pairs struggle for survival against the harsh elements in this unforgiving landscape.

Interest film 1924 35 mins Silent


The clip consists of moving film and still photographs which document the gruelling Bullock-Hornby expedition across Canada’s frozen north-west. In 1923 British explorer John Hornby teamed up with James Critchell-Bullock and set out across these isolated, remote regions narrowly surviving off the land for an entire year, tracking and hunting foxes, Caribou and Musk-Oxen. The fascinating footage documents some of these activities and also includes some rare photographs of the two explorers.

Explorer John Hornby also known as the ‘hermit of the north’ was a controversial figure who split public opinion. While some regarded him as a daredevil explorer who risked life and limb in the remote plains of Canada, others believed him to be a suicidal irresponsible risk-taker who endangered the lives of those who wished to join him on these daring adventures. In 1926 Hornby embarked on what was to be his final adventure along with his keen-spirited 18-year old cousin, Edgar Christian and another companion, Harold Adlard. After misjudging the Caribou migration north, all three individually starved to death.