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Bairns-Wear Wools and Woollies - Miss Fay Linton

Fully fashioned twin-sets for the money conscious woman. Fashion advice courtesy of 'Miss Fay Linton'.

Advert 1958 1 mins

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Wearing twin-set and pearls Miss Fay Linton (she's a fashion adviser - it says so on the door to her studio set) is on hand to extol the virtues of Bairns-Wear's range of fully fashioned knitwear for women. Model Sheila shows off a garment from the Nottingham firm's range in a style of advertising that typifies the late 1950s. They're shrink-resistant and moth-proof too!

Bairns-Wear was one of a multitude of East Midlands based textile manufactures. The firm had headquarters in Nottingham with a large factory on Nottingham Road in Sherwood and a subsidiary works on Raymouth Lane in Worksop. The firm became part of the Courtaulds empire before succumbing to cheap imports in the 1980s. The Nottingham factory is now the site of a supermarket.