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Archaelogical Excavations in Greece

Footage documenting various excavations led by E.W. Gardner at archaeological sites situated across Greece during the late 1920s and early 1930s.

1926 4 mins Silent


This film shows a compilation of archaeological excavations in Greece, headed by Elinor Wight Gardner. It reveals the practices of unearthing and transporting the finds as well as the significantly large labour-force working on these sites. Key locations featured in the film include Thermi, situated in the North-East of mainland Greece, and Antissa, located on the island of Lesbos.

Elinor Wight Gardner (1892-1980) was a geologist who has been noted for her pioneering interdisciplinary research in Europe and Africa. Highlights of her successful career include; lecturing in geology at Bedford College, London, 1926-1930, as well as being a Research Fellow at both Lady Margaret Hall 1930-1936, and the British Federation of University Women Senior International, 1937-1938. Although the film documents excavations in Greece, it would be Gardner’s revered later work in Egypt at the Faiyum Desert and the Kharga Oasis that would bring her fame and notoriety.