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A rich archive giving an unparalleled insight into the creative process. Enjoy this diverse range of wisdom and perspective on the art and craft of cinema.

From recent interviews to archive documentaries and experimental films about the cinematic process, this illuminating collection highlights the myriad forms of filmmaking and the talents behind it.

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Film Director Ken RussellFilm Director Ken Russell

News19723 mins Location: Torquay

Writer and Director Ken Russell explains his brush with The Devils.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Agnès VardaFilmmakers in Focus: Agnès Varda

Inside Film202147 mins

Writer and activist So Mayer joins filmmaker and critic Alexandra Hidalgo to discuss the work of acclaimed French director and artist Agnès Varda.

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Michael Caine on the set of The Eagle Has LandedMichael Caine on the set of The Eagle Has Landed

News19715 mins Location: St Mawgan

Michael Caine completes mission as Oberst Kurt Steiner.

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Vanessa RedgraveVanessa Redgrave

Inside Film196829 mins

Political beliefs and public profile is the core of Redgrave's interview, conducted at a time of immense upheaval in British life.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Joanna HoggFilmmakers in Focus: Joanna Hogg

Inside Film202138 mins

BFI National Archive curator Will Massa and film critic Beatrice Loayza explore the work of contemporary British filmmaker Joanna Hogg.

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Anna Karina on Vivre sa vieAnna Karina on Vivre sa vie

Inside Film201635 mins

The actor discusses Jean-Luc Godard’s film about a young woman who drifts into prostitution, and her relationship with the director.

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Derek Jarman in Conversation with Simon FieldDerek Jarman in Conversation with Simon Field

198932 mins

A far reaching interview with multifaceted artist Derek Jarman, conducted in 1987 by producer and critic Simon Field as part of the ICA Guardian Conversations series.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Márta MészárosFilmmakers in Focus: Márta Mészáros

Inside Film202143 mins

Film critic Tara Judah and film scholar Catherine Portuges explore the work of trailblazing Hungarian filmmaker Márta Mészáros.

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On The Set of The ShoutOn The Set of The Shout

Sport19776 mins Location: Hartland Abbey

A cricket match with extras

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Sean ConnerySean Connery

Inside Film196729 mins

Remarkable meeting with the Scot, promoting the only film he's ever directed, and illustrating how it awakened his political consciousness.

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Richard LesterRichard Lester

Inside Film196717 mins

Beatles and Goons' collaborator reveals his worldview, from the Vietnam War to dissent and disenchantment in '60s society.

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John BoultingJohn Boulting

Inside Film196721 mins

Lively interview with veteran filmmaker on the state of the British film industry, and his work with his regular star, Peter Sellers. Filmed in 1967.

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Hayley MillsHayley Mills

Inside Film196725 mins

At 21, Mills' private life was of wider interest than her career as a former child star, as this timely and telling interview discovers.

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Spike MilliganSpike Milligan

Inside Film196740 mins

Wide-ranging, honest and revelatory conversation with the former Goon, who was about to begin a new phase of his career.

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Maureen LipmanMaureen Lipman

Inside Film196810 mins

Charming interview with the 21-year-old Lipman, who had just completed her first film role, as she ponders what to do next.

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Terence Davies introduces Listen to BritainTerence Davies introduces Listen to Britain

Inside Film1 mins

Terence Davies introduces Humphrey Jennings and Stewart McAllister's poetic paean to Great Britain.

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Interview with Jim AndersonInterview with Jim Anderson

Inside Film8 mins

Working with Terence Davies on Of Time And The City, Anderson addresses the importance of archive footage and his wider role as an archive producer.

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How we adapted Wolf Hall (Q&A)How we adapted Wolf Hall (Q&A)

Inside Film201512 mins

Peter Kosminsky, Claire Foy and Debbie Wiseman join Hilary Mantel to talk about the BBC adaptation of her Booker Prize-winning novel, Wolf Hall.

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Leonard Whiting Olivia HusseyLeonard Whiting Olivia Hussey

Inside Film196716 mins

Teenage actors discuss their work with Franco Zeffirelli on Romeo and Juliet.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Michael HanekeFilmmakers in Focus: Michael Haneke

Inside Film202141 mins

In this illustrated discussion, BFI programmer-at-large Geoff Andrew and Catherine Wheatley, the author of two books on Michael Haneke’s work, examine what makes him such a distinctive, important and often controversial cinematic artist.

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James FoxJames Fox

Inside Film196819 mins

Happy and relaxed dialogue with the then 28-year-old actor, covering his rise to fame and plans for the future.

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Kirk Douglas plays a Telemark HeroKirk Douglas plays a Telemark Hero

News19663 mins Location: Weymouth

Kirk Douglas likes the seaside town of Weymouth except the weather.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Louis MalleFilmmakers in Focus: Louis Malle

Inside Film202140 mins

In this discussion, BFI programmer-at-large Geoff Andrew and Sue Harris, Professor of Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London, will focus on three titles to look at what made Malle such a rewarding filmmaker.

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David Soul in YelvertonDavid Soul in Yelverton

News19776 mins Location: Yelverton

American British actor David Soul appears in Mud.

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Sylvia SymsSylvia Syms

Inside Film196715 mins

Interview with the straight-talking star of films such as Victim and Ice Cold In Alex, shot in 1967.

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Robert Hartford-DavisRobert Hartford-Davis

Inside Film196813 mins

Famed for managing small budgets and delivering a profit, Robert Hartford-Davis talks about his career as a producer/director in this 1960s interview.

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Tony RichardsonTony Richardson

Inside Film196819 mins

Caustic and very personal ravaging of film criticism, from the director of Tom Jones, A Taste of Honey and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

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Sir Ian McKellen introduces Richard III (1995)Sir Ian McKellen introduces Richard III (1995)

Short documentary20161 mins

Sir Ian McKellen reflects on his most renowned on-screen Shakespearean role, reprised from Richard Eyre's acclaimed National Theatre production.

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Sir Ian McKellen introduces Henry V (1944)Sir Ian McKellen introduces Henry V (1944)

Short documentary20161 mins

Sir Ian McKellen introduces Laurence Olivier's classic adaptation of Henry V, a rousing wartime classic which McKellen contrasts with Kenneth Branagh's more circumspect 1989 version.

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Sir Ian McKellen introduces Throne of BloodSir Ian McKellen introduces Throne of Blood

Short documentary20162 mins

The champion of BFI's Shakespeare on Film season introduces Akira Kurosawa's great Macbeth adaptation.

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Hollywood U.S.A!Hollywood U.S.A!

Anthology193722 mins

Hollywood has more than just celebrated stars: its industry is respectable and prosperous, says Leslie Howard.

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Movies March OnMovies March On

Non-Fiction193921 mins

Charlie Chaplin relaxes on the tennis court in this potted history of Hollywood, which looks back fondly to the early days of film, in a world on the brink of war.

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The British Film IndustryThe British Film Industry

Non-Fiction193622 mins

A laudatory item on the mid-1930s British film industry makes this issue of the cinemagazine fascinating for film fans.

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Charlton Heston in CornwallCharlton Heston in Cornwall

News19681 mins Location: Porthcurno

Hollywood Actor Charlton Heston thinks about playing Saxon King Harold.

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Interview with Deborah KerrInterview with Deborah Kerr

News19853 mins Location: Dorset

Deborah Kerr explains the masoschism associated with theatrical performance.

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Filmmakers in Focus: Věra ChytilováFilmmakers in Focus: Věra Chytilová

Inside Film202141 mins

Film critic Carmen Gray and film writer Ela Bittencourt discuss three films by trailblazing Czech filmmaker Věra Chytilová.

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Peter CookPeter Cook

Inside Film196730 mins

Pith and politics from the brilliant, unpredictable comedian who declares proudly, "I find myself unable to learn anything."

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Straw Dogs at St BuryanStraw Dogs at St Buryan

News19717 mins Location: St Buryan

Actors talk of Straw Dogs while on location in Cornwall.

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The Set of Far from the Madding CrowdThe Set of Far from the Madding Crowd

News196710 mins Location: Dorset

Julie Christie and Alan Bates entertain us as Hardy’s book is brought to life.

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A Red Deer called FernA Red Deer called Fern

News19774 mins Location: Exmoor

Fern the red deer appears once again for the cameras

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