Filmmaking in Focus

The camera flips inward to film the creative process. Discover the lives behind the artists and obsessives who make movies what they are.

From fictional portraits to revealing documentaries, this illuminating collection highlights the myriad forms of filmmaking and the talents behind it.

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Drama1963138 minsDirector: Federico Fellini

Fellini triumphantly conjured himself out of writer's block with this magnum opus about a film director experiencing his own creative crisis.

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Comedy199399 minsDirector: Joe Dante

Joe Dante (Gremlins) directs this affectionate homage to 1950s sci-fi cinema, with John Goodman as a cigar-chomping B-movie producer trying to cash in on the Cuban missile crisis.

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Biopic201484 minsDirector: Abel Ferrara

Willem Dafoe plays the controversial filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini in this dark, daring drama about the director’s final days, from Abel Ferrara.

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Irma VepIrma Vep

Drama199699 minsDirector: Olivier Assayas

Olivier Assayas' sexy and stylish ode to the madness of filmmaking, with Maggie Cheung as the Hong Kong movie star playing a Catwoman-style anti-heroine.

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Room 237Room 237

Documentary2012103 minsDirector: Rodney Ascher

Rodney Ascher's enigmatic essay film weaves together the contrasting theories of five different narrators who believe Stanley Kubrick deliberately buried hidden messages in his 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

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Celluloid ManCelluloid Man

Documentary2012156 minsDirector: Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

A tribute to film archivist and obsessive cinephile P.K. Nair, and his long, hard fight to preserve India's precious film heritage.

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I Am DivineI Am Divine

Documentary201390 minsDirector: Jeffrey Schwarz

A unique documentary about a unique person – follow Divine’s life from humble Baltimore beginnings to superstar status as the Queen of Cult.

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Eisenstein in GuanajuatoEisenstein in Guanajuato

Biopic2015106 minsDirector: Peter Greenaway

One of Britain’s most inventive filmmakers, Peter Greenaway, tackles the story of arguably the most influential filmmaker in cinema history, Sergei Eisenstein.

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Love and Death on Long IslandLove and Death on Long Island

Comedy199689 minsDirector: Richard Kwietniowski

John Hurt stars in Richard Kwietniowski’s comedy of fame and obsession about an older man (Hurt) who becomes infatuated with a young Hollywood actor (Jason Priestley), and proceeds to track him down.

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Le MéprisLe Mépris

Drama1963103 minsDirector: Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard conducts an autopsy of love and the creative process, as a boorish film producer dismantles a seemingly strong marriage.

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A Summer + 50A Summer + 50

Documentary201075 minsDirector: Florence Dauman

Key participants discuss the making of influential cinéma vérite documentary Chronicle of a Summer. Includes unused footage from the film.

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Two in the WaveTwo in the Wave

Documentary200992 minsDirector: Emmanuel Laurent

Jean Luc-Godard and Francois Truffaut: the story of a friendship, a break-up and the birth of a new cinematic movement that would sweep the world.

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A Personal Journey... Part 1A Personal Journey... Part 1

Documentary199572 minsDirector: Martin Scorsese

The first part of Martin Scorsese's 'personal journey' through American Cinema.

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A Personal Journey… Part 2A Personal Journey… Part 2

Documentary199579 minsDirector: Martin Scorsese

The second part of Martin Scorsese's 'personal journey' through American Cinema.

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A Personal Journey… Part 3A Personal Journey… Part 3

Documentary199574 minsDirector: Martin Scorsese

The third part of Martin Scorsese's 'personal journey' through American Cinema

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My Voyage to Italy (part one)My Voyage to Italy (part one)

Documentary2001120 minsDirector: Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s two-part love letter to Italian cinema is epic and sprawling in scope but also a deeply personal and moving testament to his passion for film.

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My Voyage to Italy (part two)My Voyage to Italy (part two)

Documentary2001126 minsDirector: Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s two-part love letter to Italian cinema is epic and sprawling in scope but also a deeply personal and moving testament to his passion for film.

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Memories of JohnMemories of John

Documentary201229 minsDirector: Doug Headline

A short documentary featuring some of John Cassavetes' key collaborators, actor Peter Falk and producer Al Ruban.

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Documentary198592 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Profiling one of the great directors of World Cinema, Wim Wenders delivers this moving portrait of Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu.

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A Trick of the LightA Trick of the Light

Drama-documentary199679 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

The origins of German cinema are given life in one of Wim Wenders’ most charming and playful films, focusing on pioneering inventors, the Skladanowsky brothers.

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Room 666Room 666

Documentary198446 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders invites a group of filmmakers at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival – including Godard, Fassbinder, Herzog and Spielberg – to discuss cinema.

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Beware of a Holy WhoreBeware of a Holy Whore

Drama1971104 minsDirector: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

In an elegant Spanish hotel lobby, a film cast and crew outdo one another in displays of professional and sexual rivalry while waiting endlessly for shooting to begin.

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Lisbon StoryLisbon Story

Drama1994103 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders’ enigmatic film follows a sound recordist who travels to Lisbon for a film shoot and is drawn into the wonder of the city and its people.

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The State of ThingsThe State of Things

Drama1982122 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

A European director travels to Hollywood in order to track down his missing producer in Wim Wenders’ gorgeous ode to filmmaking.

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Peeping TomPeeping Tom

Drama1960101 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Michael Powell’s dark, disturbing, once controversial tale of a shy camera technician who films women as he kills them is now rightly deemed a classic

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Anger MeAnger Me

Animation & Artists Moving Image200671 minsDirector: Elio Gelmini

Like all good magicians, the life and work of Kenneth Anger, the Magus of underground film, is crowded with mystery and myth.

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Night Will FallNight Will Fall

Documentary201475 minsDirector: André Singer

An unforgettable, compelling account of the production and subsequent restoration of a withheld film recording the liberation of Nazi concentration camps in 1945.

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Speaking of BuñuelSpeaking of Buñuel

Documentary200099 minsDirector: José Luis López Linares

José Luis López-Linares and Javier Rioyo’s incisive documentary about Luis Buñuel.

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Starting Out: The Making of Deep EndStarting Out: The Making of Deep End

Documentary201175 minsDirector: Robert Fischer

Immersive and informative look at the production of this surreal, seductive film, with contributions from cast and crew.

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Lost in KarastanLost in Karastan

Comedy201496 minsDirector: Ben Hopkins

In this smart filmmaking satire, Matthew Macfadyen plays as a hard-up British director who accepts a commission to make a film for a Central Asian dictator.

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Comedy201293 minsDirector: Pang Ho-Cheung

Ho-Cheung Pang's wild, ribald comedy about a Hong Kong movie producer who will do anything to get his projects off the ground.

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The Woodsman and the RainThe Woodsman and the Rain

Comedy2011128 minsDirector: Shûichi Okita

A redneck lumberjack is recruited to work on a rookie producer's inane zombie movie, in this hilarious movie-making satire.