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Baghead 15 rating

Greta Gerwig shines as one of four filmmaking friends who find their slasher screenplay idea turning into a terrifying reality, in this in ‘mumblegore’ horror-comedy.

Comedy 2008 81 mins

Director: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass



While debating the merits of writing a screenplay based on a bag-headed serial killer, four friends soon discover there may be more to their story than meets the eye when a stolen car battery, strange noises and a mysterious disappearance or two lead them to believe a sack-wearing maniac may be lurking right outside their door.

Having first made her name in two films from ‘mumblecore’ director Joe Swanberg (LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs), Greta Gerwig made her next film with the other main protagonists of the DIY indie movement, the Duplass brothers, again adding a touch of star charm that would eventually see her promoted to Hollywood proper. Baghead would subsequently also become the first in a new offshoot labelled ‘mumblegore’, mixing low-budget aesthetics and improvisatory comedy with understated spooks and scares; and paving the way for the work of filmmakers such as Ti West (X, Pearl).