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Through a Boy's Eyes

In this selection of award-winning short films, witness the struggles and celebrations seen through the eyes of boys not only becoming men, but becoming attracted to them..

Anthology 2018 77 mins Not rated

Director: Damiá Serra Cauchetiez, Venci Kostov, Alexander Lemus Gadea, Claudine Natkin and Valentino R. Sandoli


When a boy becomes a young man, the way he sees the world can change not just his perceptions of those around him, but how others see him. As burgeoning desires come to the surface, there is the choice of either embracing and acting upon them, or burying them. A selection of gay shorts from Spain and France.

The short films included are: ON THE ROOFTOP dir. Damiá Serra Cauchetiez (Spain): It’s summer time. Adrián and his friends climb every afternoon at a roof to spy a girl who sunbathes naked. But this afternoon won’t be like the others: today they’ll realize that one of them is more interested in a guy showering in a close building. THE SON dir. Venci Kostov (Spain): Pedro is a 17 years old boy who attends high school as all the boys do. In the afternoon he and his friends go ‘round and commit some jobs… What Pedro loves the most is mother’s baked beans. His mother’s baked beans are the best in the world. He hasn't tried each one, but there is no need. Pedro knows what he likes. His father doesn't like his mother's baked beans. INSIDE dir. Alexander Lemus Gadea (Spain): Juan is a seductive and cold man who easily attracts women. But his mind is immersed into a spiral of emotions and experiences in order to discover who he is and find his real identity, suppressed by his father's strong conservative education. TOMBOY dir. Claudine Natkin (France): Chloe is ten years old. She plays soccer, spits, never cries and she can't stand other girls, the cry-babies. One day, Marie, a pretty and perky little blonde girl, takes part for the first time in the games Chloe plays with the boys. Her feminity unsettles Chloe's self-confidence and the balance of this little group of children…