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Hide and Seek U rating

Gary Kemp (The Krays) becomes entangled with a borstal escapee known as the Deptford Dodger in this cracking drama from the Children’s Film Foundation.

Children's 1972 61 mins

Director: David Eady


A teenage Gary Kemp (The Krays) stars as the do-gooding Chris, who becomes entangled with a borstal escapee known locally as the Deptford Dodger. With the help of his friend Bev, Chris helps Dodger track down his disreputable dad so the two can be reunited.

With Roy Dotrice and Robin Askwith in supporting roles, this pacy thriller is among the best of the Children’s Film Foundation’s 1970s output, replete with fascinating footage of 1970s Deptford during a period of reconstruction.