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Shaun the Sheep Movie U rating

Aardman returns with another delightful animation for young and old, telling the story of Shaun’s adventures in the big city after Farmer is led astray.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 2014 85 mins

Director: Richard Starzak and Mark Burton


Shaun and the flock journey to the big city to rescue Farmer after a knock on the head makes him forget his true calling and accidentally become a celebrity hairdresser.

After a series of successful features in collaboration with Hollywood studios, Aardman Animations teamed up with Europe’s Studiocanal for their latest venture, in what’s arguably their most effective film to date. Always delightful and hilarious fun for all the family, Shaun the Sheep ups the ingenuity stakes even higher than usual by sustaining its entire story without dialogue – the entire cast only communicating with grunts and noises – in a style reminiscent of Jacques Tati’s visual slapstick.