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Dog Eat Dog 15 rating

David Oyelowo makes his first feature film role as one of posse of DJs who enrage a local drug baron after stealing his dog.

Comedy 2001 93 mins

Director: Moody Shoaibi



David Oyelowo makes his first feature film appearance as one of posse of young black Londoners trying to make it successful DJs. Led by the charismatic Rooster (Mark Tonderai, who also co-wrote), the gang try out a variety of dubious schemes in order to jump-start their route to success, but a dog-napping ploy goes badly wrong when they pinch the pooch of a fearsome local drug dealer called Jesus (Gary Kemp).

Clearly created in response to the likes of Human Traffic and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Dog Eat Dog details the lives of a group of young, ambitious and hedonistic black Londoners tempted by crime, but their exploits are presented as more of a fun caper than a gritty tale of urban deprivation. Also featuring a range of comic cameos from Ricky Gervais, Alan Davies and Daniel Kitson, it remains the only directorial credit by Moody Shoaibi.