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A Hard Day's Night U rating

The Beatles’ freewheeling film debut remains the pinnacle of rock-n-roll cinema; still deliriously entertaining 50 years on.

Musical 1964 88 mins

Director: Richard Lester



The Beatles’ freewheeling film debut remains deliriously entertaining 50 years on, anarchically revelling in the Fab Four’s slapstick, sardonic personas and adopting a kinetic visual style – influenced by the French New Wave - that would inspire the modern music video.

Made at the peak of Beatlemania, it chronicles a couple of days in the life of the band as they try and escape the attentions of hysterical fans, clueless hacks, uncool toffs, a perpetually fretful manager and the regrettable presence of Paul’s ‘clean’ but meddling grandfather. Alun Owen’s witty, Oscar®-nominated script ensures that the film endures as a scintillating blend of marvellous music and gently satirical comedy, and John, Paul, George and Ringo ooze youthful irreverence and utterly unforced charm.