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The Wayward Cloud 18 rating

Ming-Liang Tsai's outrageous blend of sex, comedy, musical and drama is a daring, controversial and hilarious smorgasbord from one of Taiwan's most acclaimed directors.

Comedy 2004 114 mins

Director: Tsai Ming-liang


Taiwan is beset by a terrible water shortage. TV stations are advising the population to economise drastically, and to drink watermelon juice. But, as always, people are finding their own solutions to the drought. Shiang-Chyi secretly fills discarded bottles in public toilets, while Hsiao-Kang takes midnight baths in rooftop storage tanks. They drift like clouds, never touching. Survival is hard, but loneliness is impossible to bear. Shiang-Chyi finds a watermelon, and on the same day encounters Hsiao-Kang. She remembers buying a watch from him when he worked as a street vendor. He's a porno actor now, but she doesn't know that yet...

Surreal, erotic, outrageous, The Wayward Cloud is a ravishing, vibrant, truly original musical from the internationally-acclaimed director of Goodbye, Dragon Inn and Vive L'Amour.