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Summer DiscordSummer Discord

Amateur film195517 minsSilentDirector: David Gladwell

A Summer Discord is silent, amateur short film directed by David Gladwell which is set in the countryside and tells the story of a little girl who is reprimanded by her mother.

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Drama197168 minsDirector: Stanley A. Long

A fun tale of hippies and rock and roll directed by the legendary Stanley Long and featuring cult British rock bands Juicy Lucy and Crazy Mabel.

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Bronco BullfrogBronco Bullfrog

Drama196987 minsDirector: Barney Platts-Mills

A fascinating record of 1960s suedehead youth culture which is largely improvised by a non-professional cast of teenagers from east London

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Documentary196526 minsDirector: John Irvin

A controversial, well-made documentary that follows the lives of three young striptease artistes working in Soho.

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Chelsea Bridge BoysChelsea Bridge Boys

Documentary196531 minsDirector: Peter Davis

Made for Swedish television, a look at a gang of "Rockers" who meet at a tea-kiosk on Chelsea Bridge.

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Drama197175 mins

A bizarre study of obsession focusing on a teenage boy who is torn between the charms of a fleshly female prostitute and the sadism of an older man.

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Drama1967143 minsDirector: Don Levy

Helen Mirren makes her film debut in the tale of a young poet (Michael Gothard) intent on turning his suicide into a mass-media spectacle.

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Miss Thompson Goes ShoppingMiss Thompson Goes Shopping

Documentary195823 minsDirector: David Gladwell

From the visionary British director David Gladwell, this 1958 short contrasting rural and urban life is based on the poem by Martin Armstrong.

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Drama197078 minsDirector: Andy Milligan

Dark drama about the doomed relationship of two down-and-outers living in the squalid East End of London in the early 1970s.

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Private RoadPrivate Road

Drama197189 minsDirector: Barney Platts-Mills

A compelling tale about the struggle for personal freedom, starring Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I).

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Documentary196215 minsDirector: Peter Davis

Short documentary originally made for Swedish television which opens the doors a typical working-class pub in East London.

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Crime197929 minsDirector: Bob Bentley

Based on the true story of a tragic murder and suicide that took place on the Luxton farm in Devon in the 1970s.

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Comedy197975 minsDirector: Chris Monger

Comic thriller which, with its unorthodox narrative about a woman's confession of a murder, deconstructs the conventions of the genre.

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Requiem for a VillageRequiem for a Village

Documentary197568 minsDirector: David Gladwell

The idyllic, pastoral past of a Suffolk village is reborn through memory in this extraordinary, little-known film from director David Gladwell.

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Road to Saint TropezRoad to Saint Tropez

Drama196631 minsDirector: Mike Sarne

Director Mike Sarne's debut film is an 'anti-travelogue', starring Udo Kier.

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Documentary196626 minsDirector: Don Defina

Documentary about the lives of the women who work at a striptease club called The Phoenix on Old Compton Street, in the heart of Soho in the swinging sixties.

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Anatomy of a Pin-upAnatomy of a Pin-up

Documentary197130 minsDirector: David Cohen

This documentary explores attitudes to nude modelling in Britain - models, photographers and members of the public express their opinions.

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The ContraptionThe Contraption

Horror197733 mins

Darkly humorous short in which a man builds a sinister contraption, the dreadful purpose of which is only revealed in the final shot.

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The Home-made CarThe Home-made Car

Comedy196328 minsDirector: James Hill

In this charming short film directed by James Hill, a man restores his dilapidated Bullnose Morris under the watchful eye of a curious young neighbour.

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The Last ChapterThe Last Chapter

Drama197229 mins

Dark tale in which a best-selling author (Denholm Elliot) is unbalanced by an assured young fan (Susan Penhaligon) who questions the move into easy commercialism displayed in his recent work.

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The PartyThe Party

Animation & Artists Moving Image196216 mins

The Party is a time-capsule short film about an art school get-together where a boy blows his chances with his date.

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The Party's OverThe Party's Over

Drama196392 minsSilentDirector: Guy Hamilton

The partying of a wild group of beatniks lead by Oliver Reed has shocking consequences. Written by Marc Behm, directed by Guy Hamilton and with music by John Barry.

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You're Human Like the Rest of ThemYou're Human Like the Rest of Them

Animation & Artists Moving Image196717 minsDirector: B.S. Johnson

William Hoyland stars in this legendary, multi award-winning short film directed by the modernist writer and film-maker BS Johnson.